Chimney Pond in Baxter State Park

Mount Katahdin Township, Maine
Chimney Pond, a captivating gem in Baxter State Park, is one of the park’s most sought-after destinations due to its views and access.
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Chimney Pond, a captivating gem nestled in the heart of Baxter State Park, stands as one of the park’s most sought-after destinations. Located in the Mount Katahdin Township within the Northeast Piscataquis region of Maine, Baxter State Park encompasses an expansive 200,000 acres of pristine wilderness. Chimney Pond, a true natural wonder, is a picturesque body of water that spans a few idyllic acres, offering breathtaking views of the magnificent Mount Katahdin from its shoreline.

To access the enchanting Chimney Pond, the primary route is the Chimney Pond Trail, which commences at the Roaring Brook Campground parking lot. This parking area is the most heavily frequented within the park, serving as the gateway to a majority of the trails leading up Mount Katahdin. It’s important to note that parking reservations are mandatory, with the exception of campers staying at the Roaring Brook Campground.

The Chimney Pond Trail embarks on its journey just behind the Ranger Station at Roaring Brook Campground. After a brief jaunt, the trail takes a sharp left turn upon reaching Roaring Brook. Initially, the path remains relatively level with a gentle incline. Shortly into the hike, the Helon Taylor Trail veers into the woods on the left. As you progress, the trail gradually transforms, becoming rockier and more steeply inclined while continuing to trace the path of Roaring Brook. In total, this adventure is a 6.3-mile round trip, encompassing a 1,460-foot elevation gain. The hike typically takes around 3.5 to 4 hours to complete and is graded as moderate in difficulty.

The Chimney Pond Trail enjoys immense popularity within the park as it offers access to five out of seven trails leading to the summit of Mount Katahdin. Hikers seeking a serene interlude at the pond will find numerous spots to relax and savor the tranquil surroundings. For those inclined to spend more time in this enchanting setting, there are reservable lean-tos and campsites available in the vicinity of Chimney Pond, providing an opportunity for a deeper immersion into the natural splendor of Baxter State Park.


Address: Mount Katahdin Township, Maine
Place GPS Coordinates: 45.914361, -68.911528
Parking GPS Coordinates: 45.914361, -68.911528
Parking Notes: Chimney Pond is only accessible via foot travel and there is no car access. The trailhead for the Chimney Pond Trail is accessible from the Roaring Brook Campground parking lot. Chimney Pond is a 3.3-mile hike from the parking lot via Chimney Pond Trail.

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