Gosnold, Massachusetts

Nestled away on Cuttyhunk Island, off the serene coast of Cape Cod, lies the hidden treasure known as Church's Beach. The perfect spot for a summer beach day!

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Nestled away on Cuttyhunk Island, off the serene coast of Cape Cod, lies the hidden treasure known as Church's Beach. This remote sanctuary is a haven for those seeking solace and natural beauty in a pristine beach setting.

Church's Beach enchants visitors with its fine white sands and panoramic vistas of the picturesque Buzzards Bay. It's situated on a narrow strip of land named Blue Heron Drive, which connects Cuttyhunk's northern peninsula to the mainland, while on the opposite side, the tranquil waters of Cuttyhunk Harbor lap gently against the shore. Accessing this secluded gem is a leisurely stroll of approximately one mile from the Cuttyhunk Ferry Docks, setting the tone for a peaceful and contemplative experience.

Unfrequented and devoid of typical amenities, Church's Beach exudes a sense of untouched beauty and simplicity. It beckons those who seek to spend their summer days immersed in the natural rhythm of the sea, whether that means swimming, leisurely strolls, or basking under the sun's warm embrace.

As the seasons change, Church's Beach remains an inviting destination. In the off-season, its tranquility provides a perfect backdrop for contemplative walks along its pristine shore. Regardless of when you visit, this coastal haven offers spectacular vistas of both sunrise and sunset. While scattered rocks add character to this serene beach, it's the sweeping views of Gooseberry Island and Sakonnet Point across the Bay that truly set Church's Beach apart. This hidden gem on Cuttyhunk Island invites you to discover the unparalleled beauty and serenity that it generously offers year-round. Don't miss the chance to experience this remote oasis where nature's artistry takes center stage.

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Blue Heron Drive, Gosnold, Massachusetts

GPS Coordinates:
41.426056, -70.931667
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Parking is free and located along Blue Heron Drive, but nearly every visitor walks to the beach.


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