Clinton Train Tunnel

Clinton, Massachusetts
The abandoned Clinton Train Tunnel in Clinton, Massachusetts has become one of the most iconic abandoned places in the state.
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The Clinton Train Tunnel has become one of the most iconic abandoned places in Massachusetts over the years.

The need for the Clinton Train Tunnel became apparent in 1897 when the Wachusett Reservoir construction began. The completed reservoir would cut off a section of the Central Massachusetts Railroad which was chartered in 1869. Instead of re-routing the tracks, a 1,100-foot-long tunnel was constructed along with a 917-foot-long viaduct to navigate the new reservoir. The western entrance to the tunnel has 228 feet lined with concrete and the rest of the tunnel is bare rock. The tunnel, viaduct, and new track were officially opened in June 1903.

The Central Massachusetts Railroad was in use for several decades and utilized the tunnel and viaduct. As time went on, the usage of the central railroad became less and less. In the 1930s, few trains were utilizing the tracks. The final passenger trains from Boston to Clinton ran in May 1958. Following 1958, the tunnel and viaduct were abandoned. The viaduct was removed in July 1975 while the tunnel remains and is in good condition.

Today, visitors can check out the abandoned Clinton Train Tunnel which is located just off present-day Boylston Street. The tunnel cannot be seen from the street, but it is located only about 100 feet from the road. Visitors will see a massive stone block on the road which pinpoints the location of the tunnel.


Address: Boylston Street, Clinton, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.405278, -71.683694
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.405278, -71.683694
Parking Notes: There are free parking spaces along Boylston Street right at the Wachusett Dam. Visitors can park there and then walk a few hundred feet down the sidewalk to the iconic abandoned Clinton Train Tunnel.

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