Castine, Maine

Dice Head Lighthouse, nestled in the picturesque town of Castine, Maine, stands as both a beacon of maritime history and a testament to resilience.

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Dice Head Lighthouse, nestled in the picturesque town of Castine, Maine, stands as both a beacon of maritime history and a testament to resilience. First established in 1829, this historic lighthouse has weathered deactivation, replacement, and a subsequent restoration that brought it back to its former glory.

The original Dice Head Light served as a guiding light for mariners navigating the coastal waters since 1829. However, in 1937, the light was deactivated, and a skeleton tower was erected 475 feet (145 m) south of the original location. This move marked a shift in navigational technology and strategies, sidelining the iconic structure that had faithfully served its purpose for decades.

The replacement structure, a skeletal tower, continued to aid sailors until 2007. Unfortunately, a powerful storm in that year took its toll on the tower, leading to its destruction. In the wake of this loss, the decision was made to reactivate the original Dice Head Light in 2008. This restoration not only reinstated a piece of maritime history but also revived the significance of the lighthouse within the Castine community.

The lighthouse's importance extends beyond its navigational function; it is recognized as a contributing property to the Castine Historic District, adding to the town's cultural and architectural heritage. Its presence on the National Register of Historic Places underscores its significance and ensures its preservation for future generations.

Dice Head Lighthouse, with its classic design and coastal charm, stands as a symbol of continuity and endurance. The interplay of history, deactivation, replacement, and restoration weaves a narrative that reflects the evolution of maritime navigation. As it once again casts its light over the waters, Dice Head Lighthouse continues to guide and inspire, connecting the present to the rich maritime heritage of Castine, Maine.

Lighthouse Specs
  • Year Constructed: 1829
  • First Lit: 1829
  • Construction: Stone with brick lining
  • Tower Shape: Rubble Tower
  • Height: 51 feet
  • Focal Height: 134 feet
  • Markings: White
  • Characteristic: Flashing white every 6 seconds
  • Range: 11 nautical miles
  • Status: Deactivated and replaced with a skeleton tower
  • NRHP Number: 73000240

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Dyces Head Road, Castine, Maine

GPS Coordinates:
44.382750, -68.819056
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N/A – Lighthouse is not open to the public. It is best to admire from the road. Visitors can also admire the lighthouse from boat or plane. Some lighthouse tours are offered by plane and boat companies nearby.


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