Norwich, Connecticut

The Gold Mine Covered Bridge, also known as the Perry Covered Bridge, in the charming town of Norwich, Connecticut, is a true gem of craftsmanship and history.

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The Gold Mine Covered Bridge, also known as the Perry Covered Bridge, nestled in the serene landscape of Norwich, Connecticut, is a true gem of craftsmanship and history. This enchanting covered bridge was meticulously constructed in 2015, marking a rare addition to the covered bridge heritage of Connecticut.

Spanning a length of 60 feet and stretching 18 feet in width, the Gold Mine Covered Bridge stands as a testament to the enduring charm of these iconic structures. It is not just a functional bridge but a work of art, carefully handcrafted from the finest materials. Craftsmen used a combination of hemlock, pine, and oak to create this masterpiece, held together by nearly 600 wooden pegs.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this bridge is its historical significance. It is a rare example of a traditionally built covered bridge in Connecticut, the first of its kind since the 1870s. Covered bridges, with their wooden construction and timeless designs, evoke a sense of nostalgia, harkening back to an era when horses and carriages were the primary mode of transportation.

Arnold M. Graton, a seasoned covered bridge builder, played a pivotal role in bringing the Gold Mine Covered Bridge to life. With over five decades of experience in restoring old covered bridges and crafting new ones, Mr. Graton is one of the few experts in this specialized field. His dedication to preserving this unique heritage is truly commendable.

The construction of the Gold Mine Covered Bridge was no small feat. Oxen, named Mike and Brock, were harnessed to a winch, slowly and steadily pulling the bridge into place atop wooden rollers. This meticulous process echoed the methods employed by builders from a bygone era.

Covered bridges like the Gold Mine are becoming increasingly rare in the United States due to the challenges of maintenance and repair. However, their longevity is a testament to their superior craftsmanship. The roofs of these bridges play a crucial role in keeping their internal support structures dry, ensuring that they can stand for centuries without rotting.

Arnold Graton and his team, including his wife Meg Graton, Tim Dansereau, and Don Walker, employ traditional tools and materials to maintain the authenticity of their craft. Wooden pegs and hammers are meticulously balanced to ensure that the bridge stands firm and proud over the water below.

The completion of the Gold Mine Covered Bridge was a cause for celebration, harkening back to a time when communities would gather to witness the construction of such vital infrastructure. It was an event that brought people together, celebrating the convenience and progress it represented.

For preservationists and covered bridge enthusiasts, this bridge pull was an exciting event. Arnold Graton, often referred to as a legend in his field, is hailed for his dedication to preserving these historical structures. Donna Freeland, president of the New York State Covered Bridge Society, praised Graton's unwavering commitment to doing things right.

For Richard Perry, the owner of the Greenbriar Farm where the bridge stands, this project was about more than just practicality. It was about connecting with history and preserving the legacy of these structures for future generations. Covered bridges like the Gold Mine remind us of how the past has shaped our present, making it important to preserve this heritage.

While the Gold Mine Covered Bridge is located on private property and is not open to the public, its charming presence can be admired from the roadside. It stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of covered bridges and their role in connecting the past with the present.

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128 Wawecus Hill Road, Norwich, Connecticut

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41.519472, -72.127278
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No parking is available considering Gold Mine Covered Bridge is privately owned and located on private property. That said, the bridge can luckily be seen from Wawecus Hill Road.


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