Randolph, New Hampshire

Gordon Fall is a captivating 18-foot horsetail waterfall that can be found in Randolph, New Hampshire within the White Mountain National Forest.

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Nestled within the pristine embrace of the White Mountain National Forest, Gordon Fall stands as a picturesque jewel in Randolph, New Hampshire. This captivating 18-foot horsetail waterfall, graced with a two-tiered descent, boasts an impressive width that makes it a natural wonder worth exploring.

Gordon Fall draws its power from the spirited waters of Snyder Brook. Like many waterfalls, its grandeur is most pronounced during the spring, when the snow melts, and after rainfall replenishes the flow. To witness this captivating cascade in all its glory, it's often recommended to plan a visit during the months of May through July when it reaches its peak. However, the timeless beauty of Gordon Fall is a spectacle to behold throughout the year, making it a rewarding destination for any season.

Accessing Gordon Fall is a breeze, with a short 0.4-mile out-and-back hike along the Fallsway Trail. Situated just off Route 2 in Randolph, this trail offers a gentle and kid-friendly hike through the enchanting forest. Dogs are more than welcome to accompany their owners on this adventure, making it a perfect outing for families and their four-legged companions.

For those who crave even more natural beauty, the Brookbank and Fallsway Trail offers a unique opportunity to explore the surrounding landscape. By following this trail, visitors can revel in the splendor of not just Gordon Fall but also Salroc and Tama Falls. Encountering four mesmerizing waterfalls on a single hike is a rare and enchanting experience that elevates this hidden gem in the heart of the White Mountains. It's a well-kept secret that deserves to be shared with nature enthusiasts seeking the tranquility and beauty of the great outdoors.

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Presidential Highway, Randolph, New Hampshire

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44.369363, -71.286765
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The closest parking lot to Gordon Fall is the Valley Way Trailhead lot along the Presidential Highway. The lot holds about 75 cars and additional parking can be found along the Presidential Highway. Parking is free.


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