Great Gulf Suspension Bridge

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The Great Gulf Suspension Bridge is a stunning bridge located in the White Mountains near Gorham, New Hampshire. The bridge is rather new and is what was constructed to carry the Great Gulf Trail over the Peabody River. The trail allows hikers to go on and explore the Great Gulf Wilderness which can take them to Mount Madison, Mount Jefferson, and other great summits.

The Great Gulf Suspension Bridge is extremely accessible as it’s located just a few hundred feet from the parking lot. The parking lot can hold about 50 cars and is located just off Route 16 (White Mountain Road). The bridge does sway a little when visitors walk on it, so be prepared. Photographers often will go down along the Peabody River to capture a beautiful composition of the bridge. Don’t miss out on this true New Hampshire gem!

There are many more great spots to explore all around the bridge! Within a five mile radius is Thompson Falls, Crystal Cascades Falls, Glen Ellis Falls, and Gordon Fall. Find hundreds of more great spots by viewing the GoXplr New Hampshire Map at


Bridge Specs

  • Carries: Great Gulf Trail
  • Crosses: Peabody River
  • Design/Style: Suspension
  • Total length: 170 feet
  • Total width: ~5 feet

Great Gulf Suspension Bridge Location

  • Address: Great Gulf Wilderness Trailhead
  • Town: Gorham
  • State: New Hampshire
  • GPS: Lat 44.31246 Lng -71.22049
  • Parking Notes: There are about 50 parking spots at the trailhead. The bridge is only a few hundred feet away from the parking lot.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE

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  1. Jennifer Collins

    A good time exploring the Great Gulf Suspension Bridge in the White Mountains!

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