Chatham, Massachusetts

Hydrangea Walk, also known affectionately as the Hydrangea House, stands as an enduring symbol of beauty and charm in Chatham, Massachusetts.

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Hydrangea Walk, also known affectionately as the Hydrangea House, stands as an enduring symbol of beauty and charm in Chatham, Massachusetts. Nestled at 123 Shore Road, this Cape Cod icon has graced the town with its exquisite presence for generations, capturing the hearts of both locals and visitors alike.

What sets Hydrangea Walk apart is its breathtaking display of hydrangeas that elegantly line the path leading to its front door. These magnificent blooms, meticulously cared for throughout the year, burst forth in a riot of colors during the summer months, creating a scene of natural splendor that beckons admirers from near and far.

The home, originally constructed in 1938, exudes the timeless allure of Cape Cod architecture. Its charming facade, adorned with lush hydrangeas, has made it a favored subject for countless photographs and postcards over the decades. To experience Hydrangea Walk is to witness a harmonious blend of nature's artistry and human craftsmanship.

Conveniently located near the Chatham Bars Inn, this captivating residence is just a stone's throw away from downtown Chatham, making it easily accessible for those exploring the town's picturesque streets. Its proximity to the heart of Chatham only adds to its allure, offering a delightful stop for those on a leisurely stroll through the area.

While the allure of Hydrangea Walk is undeniable, it's crucial to respect the boundaries of this private residence. To fully appreciate the breathtaking hydrangea display, it's best to admire it from the road without venturing onto the property. The owners, in their generosity, have refrained from erecting fences, allowing the public to enjoy this natural spectacle while preserving the privacy of their home.

For those planning a visit, parking options are readily available. The Chatham Fish Pier boasts a free public parking lot right off Shore Road, providing convenient access to Hydrangea Walk. Additionally, downtown Chatham offers several free parking lots and numerous on-street parking spots, making it easy for visitors to explore this charming town and its iconic sights.

In essence, Hydrangea Walk, with its enchanting display of hydrangeas and timeless Cape Cod elegance, epitomizes the quintessential charm of Chatham, Massachusetts. A visit to this beloved Cape Cod landmark promises not only a glimpse of natural beauty but also an opportunity to connect with the rich heritage and allure of this coastal town.

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123 Shore Road, Chatham, Massachusetts

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41.680246, -69.950766
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There are two public parking areas located near Hydrangea Walk. The first area is the Chatham Fish Pier which has a parking lot that is free and open to the public. The second area is downtown Chatham which has several free parking lots and many free street spots.


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