Mount Desert, Maine

Jordan Pond is a pristine pond that can be found in the heart of Acadia National Park, located on Mount Desert Island in Maine. It is a must-visit destination.

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About This Location

Jordan Pond is one of the most iconic locations within Acadia National Park, located on Mount Desert Island in Maine. This pristine, clear pond, with its unmistakable views of the two rounded mountains called the Bubbles, offers visitors a tranquil setting unlike any other.

The pond itself stretches over 187 acres, with an impressive maximum depth of about 150 feet, making it the deepest lake in the park. Its crystal-clear waters offer a transparency that can reach down to 60 feet on a calm day.

Best Viewpoints:

The vista of Jordan Pond with the North and South Bubbles in the background is iconic. The southern end of the pond offers the best viewpoints, especially during the afternoon when the sun illuminates the Bubbles. The Jordan Pond House, renowned for its popovers and tea, also provides a splendid view of the pond and its surroundings. If you're up for a hike, definitely consider admiring the pond from a higher elevation by hiking up the mountains nearby, espcially North Bubble and South Bubble.

Parking Options:

There's a designated parking area near the Jordan Pond House. During the busy summer months, parking can fill up quickly, so arriving early or using the park's shuttle service, the Island Explorer, is recommended. A park pass is required to enter Acadia, but no additional parking fee is required. Once you are in the park, you are welcome to park anywhere space is available.

Jordan Pond Trail:

This relatively easy, 3.3-mile trail loops around the pond, offering hikers uninterrupted views of the water and its picturesque surroundings. The path is flat for the most part, but some sections have raised boards which can get slippery when wet. Even novice hikers can complete this trail, but always remember to wear appropriate footwear.


Aside from the aforementioned Jordan Pond House, where visitors can indulge in delicious local cuisine and the famous popovers, there are restroom facilities available near the parking area.


  • Dogs: Dogs are allowed on the Jordan Pond Path, but they must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times.
  • Boats: Motorized boats are prohibited to protect the pond's water quality. However, canoes and kayaks are permitted.
  • Swimming: Swimming is not allowed in Jordan Pond. This is to ensure the purity of the water, which is a public drinking water source.

Benefits of Visiting During the Four New England Seasons:

  • Spring: The rebirth of nature makes spring a delightful time to visit. The trails are less crowded, and visitors can enjoy the serenity of the pond amidst budding flora.
  • Summer: The warm weather makes it an ideal time for picnics by the pond and kayaking. It's also the best season to enjoy the Jordan Pond House's offerings.
  • Fall: Arguably the most picturesque, fall drapes the area in vibrant hues of orange, red, and yellow. The crisp air combined with the fall foliage reflecting on the pond's surface is a sight to behold.
  • Winter: The snow-covered landscape is magical. While the Jordan Pond House is closed, visitors can engage in snowshoeing or cross-country skiing around the pond.

In essence, Jordan Pond offers a slice of tranquility in Acadia National Park, with each season lending its unique charm. Whether you're hiking the trail, kayaking its calm waters, or simply basking in its beauty, Jordan Pond promises a rejuvenating experience.

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Park Loop Road, Mount Desert, Maine

GPS Coordinates:
44.322028, -68.254500
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Parking Notes:
There is parking located at the Jordon Pond House which holds about 50 cars. There are about 100 additional parking spots located close to the Jordon Pond Trailhead. Parking fills up quickly on nice days.


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