Juniper Hall Pergola in Prospect Park

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The Juniper Hall Pergola at the Garden of Sweet Remembrance is a hidden abandoned structure located in Prospect Park in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. This pergola, which is slowly collapsing and being reclaimed by nature, was originally part of the mansion built by Matthew J. Whittall, known as Juniper Hall. 

Whittall was a well-known businessman and Mason. He ordered the construction of Juniper Hall, a mansion that sits atop the highest hill overlooking the Massachusetts town of Shrewsbury, in 1912. The property also featured a wonderful garden which was were open for anyone to wander through and enjoy. Whittall’s widow Gertrude dedicated the pergola in his honor after his passing in 1922. After serving as a retirement residence for Masons, the Juniper Hall mansion eventually fell into disrepair. The Town of Shrewsbury acquired the land after the mansion was demolished in 1979.

The garden was practically buried for a long time by thick vines. Under the vegetation, the reflecting pool and low-lying walls were hardly discernible. But in recent years, a civic organization by the name of Friends of Prospect Park has committed itself to clearing the vines and planting flowers in an effort to recapture some of the grounds and garden’s previous grandeur. Volunteers of the organization work hard to keep the garden beautiful year-round.

As for the Juniper Hall Pergola, not much has been done about it over the years. It has essentially been abandoned for the past 5+ decades. That said, exploring the abandoned pergola is a great adventure. The walls are covered in vines, the roof is in disrepair, and the stairways surrounding it are crumbling. It is a wonderful place to explore and imagine what life was like in the past. As you wander around the pergola, you may also find some interesting artifacts such as old bottles or remains of the mansion. Exploring this abandoned pergola in Shrewsbury is definitely a fun activity for people of all ages! It truly is a fascinating spot to check out!



  • Year Built:  1912 
  • Year Abandoned: 1979
  • Original Function: Mansion for Matthew J. and Gertrude (Clarke) Whittall


  • Address: Prospect St
  • Town: Shrewsbury
  • State: Massachusetts
  • GPS: Lat 42.305916 Lng -71.712356
  • Parking notes: There is a park area located just off Prospect Street in Prospect Park. The area can hold about a dozen cars. Parking is free and there is a small information kiosk containing trail info and updates.
  • Parking directions: HERE
  • Location directions: HERE

2 reviews for Juniper Hall Pergola in Prospect Park

  1. Ben

    Very cool old abandoned structure! I believe it used to be a section of a larger home

    Image #1 from Ben
  2. Paul

    Fun spot to explore! Located right in Prospect Park at the garden! I wonder if there are any plans to fix it up? Or maybe it will just continue to crumble?

    Image #1 from Paul
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