Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Lulu Cascade is a beautiful 10-foot waterfall that is one of the crown jewels of the 11,000+ acre Pittsfield State Forest in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

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Lulu Cascade is a beautiful 10-foot waterfall located in Pittsfield State Forest in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Pittsfield State Forest spans 11,000 acres in the Berkshires and features a few waterfalls. Lulu Cascade is often considered to be one, if not the, most beautiful in the park. The waterfall is very easy to access via a short walk along Lulu Brook via the Honwee Loop Trail or Lulu Brook Trail. The total distance is about 0.1 miles each way.

Lulu Cascade drops several feet and features beautiful plunges and cascades. The waterfall can be fully viewed from the trail and you can scatter down to the base of the falls too. Be careful if you attempt to get down to the waterfall. Rocks can be very slippery and the hill is extremely steep.

Be sure to also check out the nearby Parker Brook Cascades. It is in Pittsfield State Forest too.

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Pittsfield, Massachusetts

GPS Coordinates:
42.494861, -73.299694
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There is a large parking area located right across from the waterfall trailhead. The lot can hold dozens of cars. Parking in Pittsfield State Forest is free in the off-season, but from May 14 through Labor Day, fees are charged. The cost of daily parking is $5 for cars with Massachusetts plates and $20 for cars outside of Massachusetts.


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