Sudbury, Massachusetts

The Martha-Mary Chapel, at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts, stands as a picturesque testament to New England's rich history and architectural beauty.

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The Martha-Mary Chapel, nestled within the charming Wayside Inn Historic District in Sudbury, Massachusetts, stands as a picturesque testament to New England's rich history and architectural beauty. Constructed in 1940 during the period when Henry Ford owned the property, this chapel bears both a fascinating backstory and a timeless presence.

The Martha-Mary Chapel's origins are closely tied to the Wayside Boys School, an experimental educational institution established by Henry Ford. During this time, Ford's students played a pivotal role in the construction of the chapel, which was completed in 1940. A remarkable aspect of the chapel's history is that much of its construction materials were sourced from trees felled by the devastating Hurricane of 1938, which had struck the surrounding area. This sustainable approach to building underscores the chapel's connection to the natural world.

The chapel derives its name from the mothers of Henry Ford and Clara Ford, namely Martha Bryant and Mary Litogot Ford, a touching tribute to these important figures in the Ford family's history.

On April 23, 1973, the Martha-Mary Chapel received the distinguished honor of being added to the National Register of Historic Places as an integral part of the Wayside Inn Historic District. This recognition is a testament to the chapel's historical significance and architectural beauty, solidifying its place in the annals of American heritage. The reference number for the historic district in which the chapel resides is 73000307.

Today, the Martha-Mary Chapel continues to exude its timeless charm and allure. Nestled atop a small hill, it beckons visitors with a graceful semi-circle walkway leading to its entrance. While the chapel itself is not regularly open to the public, it serves as an enchanting venue for weddings and special events. Periodically throughout the year, the operators of the Wayside Inn have opened the chapel for tours, allowing fortunate visitors a glimpse inside this architectural gem. Those who have had the privilege of stepping inside, or even peering through its windows, are treated to a sight of exquisite pews, stained glass windows that cast a warm and colorful glow, and a resplendent Waterford crystal chandelier.

For visitors, ample free parking is conveniently available adjacent to the chapel, as well as in the spacious parking area in front of the nearby Wayside Inn Grist Mill, located just across the street. These amenities ensure easy access to this cherished piece of New England's cultural and historical heritage.

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35 Dutton Road, Sudbury, Massachusetts

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42.358612, -71.471789
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There is a large dirt parking lot about 100 feet to the east of the chapel. Parking is free. Additionally, parking can be found in front of the Wayside Inn Grist Mill on Wayside Inn Road.


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