New Hartford, Connecticut

Nepaug Dam, in the picturesque towns of New Hartford, Connecticut, stands as both a testament to engineering ingenuity and a serene natural oasis.

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Nestled in the picturesque towns of New Hartford and Canton, Connecticut, the Nepaug Dam stands as both a testament to engineering ingenuity and a serene natural oasis. Completed in 1916 under the guidance of Chief Engineer Caleb Mills Saville, this magnificent structure was designed to serve as an additional water supply for the Hartford Water Works. However, its significance extends well beyond its utilitarian purpose.

The Nepaug Dam commands attention not just for its function but also for its sheer size. It ranks among the largest dams in New England, an imposing presence that stretches 130 feet from its crest to the riverbed, spans an impressive 600 feet in width, and boasts a thickness of 100 feet. Its immensity is a marvel to behold, showcasing the craftsmanship and precision of early 20th-century engineering.

Visitors to the Nepaug Dam are treated to both natural beauty and historical significance. The dam offers a walkway that allows guests to traverse its length, providing opportunities to pause at various observation platforms that grant breathtaking vistas. As you stand on the dam's surface, you can peer over its edge, where a mesmerizing view unfolds—a cascade of water descending down the concrete spillway, with each step leading the Nepaug River on its short journey from the reservoir to the Farmington River.

For those yearning to explore the surroundings, a one-mile well-maintained trail leads to the northern reaches of the Nepaug Reservoir. This tranquil path immerses you in the area's natural splendor, offering moments of quiet reflection and the chance to reconnect with nature.

However, it's essential to tread lightly when visiting this splendid locale. Access to the reservoir's banks is restricted, with visitors required to remain on the maintained paths. Additionally, those accompanied by their four-legged friends must adhere to leash regulations, ensuring that the area's pristine environment is preserved for future generations. Remember to clean up after your pets as a respectful gesture to maintain the reservoir's pristine condition.

Parking at the Nepaug Dam is hassle-free, with over a dozen spots conveniently located just off the Litchfield Turnpike. From the parking area, the walk down to the dam is 0.4 miles along a paved road. Best of all, there are no parking fees, making it an accessible destination for all who seek to marvel at the grandeur of the Nepaug Dam and immerse themselves in the natural splendor that surrounds it.

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Litchfield Turnpike, New Hartford, Connecticut

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41.827444, -72.942250
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There are over a dozen parking spots for Nepaug Dam located right off the Lithcfield Turnpike. Parking is free and visitors can walk along a paved road about 0.4 miles to the dam.


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