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Old Orchard Beach, also known as OOB, is a town located in York County, Maine. The crown jewel of the town and the seven-mile beach is the Old Orchard Beach Pier.  The pier was built in 1898 and once stretched over 1,800 feet. The current pier is approximately 500 feet long and is the third iteration of the structure, which had previously been damaged by a severe blizzard as well as a fire and had to be rebuilt. The pier is lined with souvenir shops, snack bars, and sit-down restaurants, and it frequently hosts live music. The final room at the end of the pier, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, can be rented for private events and weddings.

The town of Old Orchard Beach was established in 1883 and has a year-round population of about 9,000. During the summer months, the town’s population rises to 75,000+. Old Orchard Beach is a popular destination for New Englanders and also for Canadian visitors from Ontario and Quebec seeking a drivable beach getaway.

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  • Address: 2 Old Orchard St
  • Town: Old Orchard Beach
  • State: Maine
  • GPS: Lat 43.51508 Lng -70.37244
  • Parking notes: There are many parking lots in Old Orchard Beach near the pier. In the summer, you will find many privately owned parking lots that charge per day. One of the best parking options is the public parking spots located at Veteran’s Memorial Park along 1st Street. These spots have meters and charge a small fee compared to the privately-owned lots. In the off-season though, many lots are open and free.
  • Parking directions: HERE
  • Location directions: HERE

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  1. Judy McAdoo-Pelton

    Old Orchard Beach Maine at the end of a perfect summer day.

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  2. Joey P

    📍 Old orchard beach

    Sunrays and shadows, sunrise at the pier 🌅

    GoXplr 😎🤘

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  3. Karin

    Sunrise over Old Orchard Beach Pier!

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  4. Brittney

    Old Orchard Beach sunrise!

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