Old Orchard Beach Pier

Old Orchard Beach, Maine
The crown jewel of Old Orchard Beach is undoubtedly the Old Orchard Beach Pier, a storied structure that has been the heart of the community since its start.
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Nestled in York County, Maine, the vibrant town of Old Orchard Beach, fondly known as OOB, boasts a charming seven-mile beach along its pristine shores. While the entire town exudes seaside allure, the true crown jewel of Old Orchard Beach is undoubtedly the Old Orchard Beach Pier—a storied structure that has been the heart of the community since its inception.

The Old Orchard Beach Pier, an iconic landmark that has weathered the test of time, is steeped in history and character. Its roots trace back to 1898 when it was first erected as a grand promenade stretching an impressive 1,800 feet into the Atlantic Ocean. However, the pier you’ll find today is the third iteration, having faced challenges like a severe blizzard and even a destructive fire, each time emerging more resilient and captivating.

Stretching approximately 500 feet over the ocean’s edge, the Old Orchard Beach Pier offers a delightful blend of seaside charm and lively entertainment. As you stroll along its expanse, you’ll encounter a delightful assortment of souvenir shops, snack bars, and inviting sit-down restaurants, each beckoning you with the promise of delicious treats and cherished mementos. It is one of the only beach piers in New England which has restaurants and shops on it.

One of the pier’s enduring attractions is its vibrant live music scene. Throughout the summer, the air is often filled with the melodies of talented performers, providing the perfect soundtrack to your seaside escapade. It’s not uncommon to find yourself tapping your feet or swaying to the rhythm as you explore the pier’s offerings.

For those seeking an unparalleled oceanfront experience, Hooligans Steak and Ale is a must-visit restaurant located right on the pier. It is an Irish pub with a new England twist. Visitors can enjoy pints of fresh beer, awesome seafood, and live entertainment. It has been serving up smiles since 1898!

The town of Old Orchard Beach itself is a quintessential New England gem, brimming with character and welcoming visitors from far and wide. Established in 1883, it maintains a year-round population of around 9,000 residents. However, during the enchanting summer months, this coastal paradise undergoes a remarkable transformation, with its population swelling to a vibrant 75,000-plus. Among these summer pilgrims are not only New Englanders but also spirited travelers from Ontario and Quebec, drawn by the allure of a drivable beach getaway.

In essence, Old Orchard Beach Pier and the town it graces epitomize the quintessential New England coastal experience. With a rich history, a lively atmosphere, and the irresistible charm of the Atlantic Ocean, this seaside haven has earned its place as a beloved destination for generations of beachgoers, promising endless memories and endless adventures along its sun-kissed shores.


Address: 2 Old Orchard Street, Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.514912, -70.372136
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.514912, -70.372136
Parking Notes: There are many parking lots in Old Orchard Beach near the pier. In the summer, you will find many privately owned parking lots that charge per day. One of the best parking options is the public parking spots located at Veteran’s Memorial Park along 1st Street. These spots have meters and charge a small fee compared to the privately-owned lots. In the off-season though, many lots are open and free.

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