Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Parker Brook Cascades is a stunning 10-foot waterfall located along Parker Brook Trail within Pittsfield State Forest in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

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Parker Brook Cascades is a stunning waterfall located in Pittsfield State Forest in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Pittsfield State Forest is one of the crown jewels of The Berkshires and it consists of several beautiful waterfalls. Lulu Cascade is the most popular, but Parker Brook Cascades is well worth seeking too. Plus, it’s only about a quarter-mile away from Lulu Cascade!

Parker Brook Cascade drops about 10 feet and consists of cascades, slides, and a small plunge. To access the waterfall, visitors can park at the main lot located just past the main entrance. The waterfall can then be located via a short .2-mile walk along the Parker Brook Trail. A bridge is located about the upper section of the bridge. It is possible to get down to the base of the falls, but be careful of the slippery rocks and the steep terrain.

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Circuit Road, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

GPS Coordinates:
42.490167, -73.305333
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Parking Notes:
Parking is available in the large lot for visitors of Pittsfield State Forest. This lot is located just past the main entrance of the forest. The trailhead for the Parker BrooK Trail is located just a few steps away.


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