Pulpit Harbor

North Haven, Maine
Pulpit Harbor, nestled along North Haven Island in Maine, is a hidden gem that captures the essence of a tranquil coastal community.
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Pulpit Harbor, nestled along the northern shore of North Haven Island in Maine, is a hidden gem that captures the essence of a tranquil coastal community. Located approximately 12 miles off the coast of Rockland, North Haven Island is characterized by its rolling fields and the picturesque main village, which gazes across the thoroughfare at the neighboring Vinalhaven Island. Interestingly, North Haven was once a part of Vinalhaven but seceded in 1847, marking the beginning of its unique journey.

While North Haven has always been a favored summer destination for some of the nation’s most affluent families, you won’t find opulent mansions here. Instead, the island boasts charming farmhouses and “Cabotville,” a delightful cluster of quirky cottages near Pulpit Harbor on the northern side of the island. The southern side is home to the majority of the island’s amenities. There is a ferry dock and the village of North Haven on the southern coast, where you’ll discover the island’s vibrant community center, the exceptional Hopkins Wharf Gallery, the well-loved North Haven Brewing Co. brewery, and a historic family-run boatyard that has been in operation since 1888. Calderwood Hall also serves up some amazing pizzas for all to enjoy by the water.

In the late 1800s, Pulpit Harbor was the bustling heart of North Haven, teeming with life. Farms flourished nearby, fishing schooners filled the sheltered harbor, and the shoreline was dotted with homes, boat shops, stores, a school, and a post office. Today, much of that bustling past is hidden by the passage of time. While many of the old buildings have vanished, roads have shifted, and nature has reclaimed its space with lush trees and greenery, the harbor retains its serene charm. It is like going back in time when visiting nowadays.

Pulpit Harbor, devoid of modern amenities and services, offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The town dock at the northwest end of the cove serves as a gateway to various attractions. If you’re up for a leisurely walk, it’s a pleasant mile-and-a-half stroll to the North Haven Inn & Market, where you can find an array of provisions, including locally sourced fish, fruit, and vegetables, as well as a great selection of packaged foods and plenty of wine and beer choices too. The store was just renovated in 2023 and this update has been loved by locals and tourists.

While Pulpit Harbor often welcomes sailors and boaters seeking its tranquil embrace, there’s also an option for landlubbers to experience its charm. A daily ferry from Rockland to North Haven provides a convenient way to explore this idyllic corner of Maine, making it accessible to all who seek the solace and beauty of this hidden coastal treasure. The sunsets at Pulpit Harbor are truly world-class! 


Address: North Shore Road, North Haven, Maine
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.154937, -68.885196
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.154937, -68.885196
Parking Notes: North Shore Road is a popular street to pull over along to view Pulpit Harbor. The majority of visitors do not have a car though and rather walk. That said, the North Haven ferry – The Captain Neil Burgess – is capable of transporting 17 passenger cars per trip.

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