Dallas Plantation, Maine

Quill Hill stands as a privately owned and managed public access hill, offering some of the finest and most accessible vistas in the state from 2,848 feet.

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Quill Hill, nestled between Rangeley and Stratton in Dallas Plantation, Maine, stands as a privately owned and managed public access hill, offering some of the finest and most accessible vistas in the state. Located just off Route 16, the four-mile dirt road ascent to the peak at 2,848 feet is a testament to the remarkable efforts of Adrian Brochu, who dedicated a decade of his life to crafting this scenic masterpiece until his passing in October 2019.

Adrian's legacy lives on through the exceptionally well-maintained road that leads to Quill Hill's summit, where ample parking accommodates vehicles of any size. This unique destination boasts a 360-degree panorama thanks to its clean prominence 638 feet. It is amazing that it can be effortlessly reached by car, bike, ATV, or motorcycle, making it the only peak in Maine with such accessibility.

Beyond panoramic views of Tim Pond, Rangeley Lakes, Saddleback, Saddleback Lake, and more, Quill Hill offers additional amenities. A wood-fired barbecue, complete with provided wood, and picnic tables grace the area just below the summit. Visitors can choose between a scenic 3/4-mile wheelchair-accessible trail or a quick two-minute drive to reach the summit. While star-gazing is encouraged, overnight stays are politely discouraged.

From late May to mid-October, Quill Hill welcomes all types of vehicles, including automobiles, motorbikes, ATVs, and RVs, 24 hours a day. Post-October, the gate closes, but the adventurous are invited to trek, ride, ski, or snowmobile to the top. Visitors are urged to respect posted speed limits, carry out their trash, and contribute to the road maintenance cost through appreciated donations. A suggested donation of $10 per vehicle and $5 per passenger can be conveniently placed in donation boxes at the bottom and near the grill area on the way down.

For more information and to plan your visit, explore the official website at quillhillmaine.com. Discover the captivating beauty, accessibility, and history that define Quill Hill, making it a standout destination for all nature enthusiasts.

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Strong, Maine

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45.044611, -70.521472
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Quill Hill has a parking area right at the summit which is open 24 hours a day from late May through mid October to vehicles of all types. The remained of the year, the gates to the summit are closed, but visitors are welcome to access the summit via a hiking, biking, skiing, or snowmobiling.


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