Raven’s Nest (Acadia National Park)

Winter Harbor, Maine
Raven’s Nest at the Schoodic Peninsula of Maine, is a hidden gem within the expansive Acadia National Park that many people have never seen!
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Raven’s Nest, nestled within the serene Schoodic Peninsula of Maine, is a hidden gem within the expansive Acadia National Park. Unlike the bustling areas in Bar Harbor and Acadia’s more frequented sites, the Schoodic Peninsula remains a relatively undiscovered paradise, making Raven’s Nest an enchanting spot to savor unspoiled natural beauty away from the tourist crowds. The journey to drive from Bar Harbor to Schoodic Peninsula is about 1 hour, so the majority of tourist stick to just visiting Bar Harbor, and Schoodic Peninsula remains quaint and welcomes true explorers.

This picturesque cove boasts an awe-inspiring vista, commanding a dramatic notch within the rugged cliffs. Amongst the rugged terrain, a small stone beach graces the coastline, offering a tranquil escape amidst the steep and rocky shores. The panoramic views of the Mount Desert Narrows and beyond are nothing short of spectacular. In fact, Raven’s Nest is often regarded as one of the premier locations within Acadia National Park to witness a breathtaking sunset, if not one of the finest in the entire state of Maine. Moreover, the site’s remote location and minimal light pollution make it an ideal spot for capturing mesmerizing photos of the Milky Way.

Discovering Raven’s Nest is a relatively straightforward endeavor. A small parking area situated along Schoodic Loop Road in Winter Harbor, Maine, provides a convenient starting point for your journey. From there, a short hike awaits, guiding you to this coastal haven. Crossing the road with care, you’ll encounter an unmarked trail that leads the way. As you advance and the terrain begins to incline, rest assured that you’re on the right path. It’s important to exercise caution during your hike, as the area can be slippery and pose potential hazards. Always be mindful of any signage indicating areas of restoration and avoid entering restricted zones.

The dramatic cliffs of Raven’s Nest command breathtaking views towards Mount Desert Island, providing an exquisite backdrop to the crystal-clear, emerald waters that endlessly embrace the coastline and the charming little rock beach below. Whether you visit during the tranquil hours of daylight or beneath the starry night sky, Raven’s Nest is bound to leave an indelible mark on your heart, offering a truly remarkable experience amidst the pristine beauty of Acadia National Park.


Address: Schoodic Loop Road, Winter Harbor, Maine
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.3520273, -68.0748279
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.3520273, -68.0748279
Parking Notes: There is a small pullover parking area along Schoodic Loop Road in Winter Harbor, Maine. From the parking area, Raven’s Nest is just a short hike away.

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