Grafton Township, Maine

Nestled within the scenic beauty of Grafton Township, near Newry, Maine, Screw Auger Falls stands as a testament to the captivating allure of nature.

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Nestled within the scenic beauty of Grafton Township, near Newry, Maine, Screw Auger Falls stands as a testament to the captivating allure of nature. This stunning waterfall, with its mesmerizing 25-foot plunge followed by a series of smaller cascades and plunges, has captured the hearts of visitors for generations. It is situated along the Bear River, a waterway that surges with life during the spring snowmelt and after heavy rainstorms. While spring is the ideal time to witness Screw Auger Falls in all its thundering glory, this natural wonder is a captivating destination throughout the year.

Screw Auger Falls isn't just famous for its grand plunge; it also boasts a myriad of enchanting features. Here, you can marvel at the intricate small cascades, admire the natural potholes sculpted by centuries of flowing water, and dip your toes in the shallow pools that beckon sunbathers during the summer months. The allure of this waterfall extends beyond its natural beauty; it's cherished for its accessibility. Located a mere few hundred feet from the parking lot, Screw Auger Falls welcomes adventurers of all ages. This family-friendly waterfall is also open to canine companions, making it an inclusive destination for all nature enthusiasts.

The geological story behind Screw Auger Falls is just as captivating as the waterfall itself. This breathtaking wonder was carved by the mighty forces of nature over 12,000 years ago when retreating glaciers dramatically altered the flow patterns of the Bear River. As the glaciers receded, they unleashed a torrent of meltwater, laden with sand, gravel, and cobbles from their icy grasp. This surging river began carving its path into the unyielding granite ledge, shaping the deep and contorted gorge that now cradles Screw Auger Falls. Over time, as the glaciers retreated further north, the Bear River returned to its more tranquil state, leaving behind this awe-inspiring testament to its erosive power.

As you explore the gorge surrounding Screw Auger Falls, you'll have the opportunity to delve into its rich history through informational boards. These boards offer insights into the lives of settlers in the 1800s who harnessed the waterfall's energy by building a sawmill directly above it. The mill, powered by the river's relentless current, produced lumber until it met its fiery demise in the 1860s. You'll also discover the fascinating story of the waterfall's formation during the era when glaciers were slowly melting. The excess water flow, laden with rocks and sand, eroded the gorge walls and sculpted the iconic potholes that remain visible today.

Reaching Screw Auger Falls is a breeze, thanks to its accessible location just off Bear River Road (Route 26) in Grafton Township, Maine. A well-marked sign leads you to the paved parking lot, where you'll find a self-service fee station to cover the small parking fee. The site offers several picnic tables, pit toilets, and ample parking (though it tends to fill up on busy summer weekends). For those with more time to spare, Grafton Notch State Park offers other natural wonders, including a moderate to difficult hike to Table Rock and a moderate trail leading to additional falls and pools at Step Falls.

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Bear River Road, Grafton Township, Maine

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44.571861, -70.901444
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The Screw Auger Falls parking lot is located off Bear River Road (Route 26) in Grafton Township, Maine. The parking lot is marked by a sign and it is paved. A small parking fee is payable at a self-service fee station.


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