Taftsville Covered Bridge

Woodstock, Vermont
The Taftsville Covered Bridge has stood as a cherished and historic gem in the charming village of Taftsville, nestled within Woodstock, Vermont since 1836.
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The Taftsville Covered Bridge stands as a cherished and historic gem in the charming village of Taftsville, nestled within Woodstock, Vermont. Constructed in 1836, this remarkable covered bridge spans 189 feet across the Ottauquechee River, gracefully carrying a single lane of traffic along Covered Bridge Road. While it remains functional today, pedestrian access is not recommended due to the absence of a proper walkway.

What truly sets the Taftsville Covered Bridge apart is its unique architectural design, a departure from the patented bridge trusses like Burr, King, Queen, Lattice, and Howe. This bridge showcases a modified multiple-kingpost truss with a semi-independent arch, a distinctive feature that adds to its allure.

The bridge’s rich history also contributes to its significance, as three previous iterations succumbed to the river’s relentless forces. However, the Taftsville Covered Bridge endures thanks to its robust construction, substantial length, and reliable support system.

This iconic covered bridge earned a well-deserved spot on the National Register of Historic Places on August 28, 1973, with reference number 73000214. This honor signifies its cultural and historical importance, preserving its legacy for future generations. With a World Guide Number of 45-14-12, the Taftsville Covered Bridge proudly showcases its striking red paint job, adding to its timeless beauty amidst the picturesque Vermont landscape.


Address: Covered Bridge Road, Woodstock, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.630882, -72.467909
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.630882, -72.467909
Parking Notes: There is no official parking area for the Taftsville Covered Bridge. There are small areas to pull over and park near both entrances of the bridge.

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