Newport, Rhode Island

The Bells Estate Tower in Newport, Rhode Island, stands as a captivating reminder of a bygone era. It once played a crucial role at The Bells mansion.

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The Bells Estate Tower in Newport, Rhode Island, stands as a captivating reminder of a bygone era. Rising to a height of approximately 30 feet, this aged stone tower once served as a water tower for The Bells Mansio along with the mansion stables and carriage house. Today, it remains as a testament to the architectural and historical legacy of the mansion and its surrounding estate.

Water Tower of The Bells Mansion:

Constructed alongside The Bells Mansion, this stone tower was an integral component of the estate's infrastructure. Designed to store and provide water to the mansion, it played a crucial role in the daily operations of the property. The water tower's robust construction is indicative of the importance placed on its function, ensuring a steady supply of water to the mansion and its surrounding gardens.

Abandonment and State Acquisition:

Like the mansion itself, The Bells Estate Tower was abandoned during the 1950s, left to face the passage of time. However, in 1969, the state of Rhode Island recognized the historical and cultural significance of the property and chose to acquire it. After taking possession, the state embarked on a thorough cleanup and restoration of the site, with the goal of opening it to the public.

Benton Point State Park and Tower Access:

The transformation of The Bells Estate into Benton Point State Park was completed in 1976, and it quickly became a popular destination for visitors. The park offers a range of amenities, including monuments, charcoal grills, open fields, restrooms, benches, and, most notably, breathtaking ocean views. Its proximity to the scenic Ocean Drive ensures that it draws many visitors each year.

One of the standout features of Benton Point State Park is the old stone water tower. In a thoughtful restoration effort, the state created a stairway to allow visitors to ascend the tower. This enhancement provides an exceptional opportunity for visitors to savor the surrounding landscape. From the top of the tower, the views are nothing short of spectacular, encompassing the vast expanse of the ocean, as well as up-close perspectives of the adjacent abandoned stable and carriage house.

Easy Access and Ample Parking:

Visiting The Bells Estate Tower is a straightforward and rewarding experience. Several parking lots are conveniently located along Ocean Drive, offering ample free parking for visitors. From the parking area, it's merely a short, pleasant 5-minute walk to reach the tower. This accessibility ensures that many can explore the historical charm and magnificent vistas this unique site has to offer.

As you stand atop The Bells Estate Tower, you not only appreciate the architectural beauty of the structure itself but also the splendid views that stretch before you. The tower serves as a picturesque vantage point, allowing you to gaze out over the ocean and also look into the neighboring abandoned stables and carriage house.

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Ocean Drive, Newport, Rhode Island

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41.453611, -71.353611
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There are hundreds of free parking spots at Brenton Point State Park. To get to The Bells Estate Tower, there is one main path which starts at the park ranger station. It is only a short walk. Additionally, visitors can walk across the large field on the west side of the park to the abandoned building.


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