Middletown, Connecticut

The Wadsworth Covered Bridge in Middletown, Connecticut was built in 1976 over Laurel Brook to allow visitors of the state park to enjoy miles of trails.

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Nestled within the serene confines of Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middletown, Connecticut, the Wadsworth Covered Bridge, also known as Wadsworth Falls Covered Bridge, stands as both a functional crossing and a charming testament to traditional bridge design. While it may not possess centuries of history, having been constructed in 1976, this covered bridge embodies the enduring allure that has made such structures iconic in the world of bridge architecture.

Spanning a modest 18 feet across the tranquil waters of Laurel Brook, the Wadsworth Covered Bridge serves as a pedestrian thoroughfare, offering park visitors convenient access to the park's scenic hiking trails and the picturesque pond. This pedestrian-friendly feature allows individuals to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty that abounds within Wadsworth Falls State Park.

The bridge itself features a Stringer design, characterized by its simple yet sturdy construction, making it a practical and efficient means of crossing the brook. The bridge is not-painted and has just simply been weathered over the years. Ultimately, the Wadsworth Covered Bridge exudes a timeless charm that complements the park's idyllic surroundings.

Located at the north entrance parking lot of Wadsworth Falls State Park, the covered bridge is easily accessible, with a parking area just steps away from the bridge itself. Whether you're drawn to hiking, biking, swimming, or simply seeking a tranquil spot to connect with nature, the 295-acre park has much to offer. It is also home to one of Connecticut's finest waterfalls, adding an extra layer of natural splendor to your visit.

As you explore Wadsworth Falls State Park and make your way across the Wadsworth Covered Bridge, you'll find yourself immersed in the tranquility and beauty of this natural oasis, making it a cherished destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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721 Wadsworth Street, Middletown, Connecticut

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41.536410, -72.685480
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The Wadsworth Covered Bridge is located within Wadsworth Falls State Park. There is a parking area just steps from the covered bridge at 721 Wadsworth Street in Middletown.


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