Wadsworth Pump House

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Wadsworth Pump House was built in 1915 to supply the Long Hill Estate which included the iconic Wadsworth Mansion. It was constructed along Laurel Brook adjacent to a stone dam that was completed a few years prior. The concrete pumphouse played an essential role in the operation of the Long Hill Estate. Water would be pumped from the Wadsworth Pump House to several different areas throughout the estate including the Wadsworth Mansion and additional homes. Furthermore, the water was used to water the grounds which were always supposed to look pristine.

Ultimately, the Wadsworth Pump House was abandoned when the land it stands on was donated to the town of Middletown to create Wadsworth Falls State Park. Visitors today can explore the pump house which is slowly decaying and being reclaimed by nature. Many of the original pipes still remain and they are very cool to see!

Accessing the Wadsworth Pump House

To reach the pump house, visitors will have to take a short walk through the woods. After parking along Laurel Grove Road in the small dirt parking lot, walk across the street to the trail. Take the first left and walk along the eastern side of Laurel Brook. After about a minute, or so, there will be a small stairway leading down to the pump house. Be careful as the stairway is not in great shape and the terrain gets very slippery.


  • Year Built: 1915
  • Year Abandoned: 1942 
  • Original Function: Reinforced concrete pumphouse which supplied the Long Hill Estate including the Wadsworth Mansion

Wadsworth Pump House Location

  • Address: Laurel Grove Road
  • Town: Middletown
  • State: Connecticut
  • GPS: 41.535735, -72.678326
  • Parking Notes: There is a small dirt parking area on the east side of Laurel Grove Road. Additionally, parking is available on the side of the road.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE

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  1. Ben

    Such a cool abandoned building! Love the interior with all the pipes and water!

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