Tamworth, New Hampshire

Nestled in the picturesque community of Wonalancet in Tamworth, New Hampshire, the Wonalancet Union Church stands as a testament to both time and devotion.

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Nestled in the picturesque community of Wonalancet in Tamworth, New Hampshire, the Wonalancet Union Church stands as a testament to both time and devotion. Located at 3436 Chinook Trail, its history dates back to 1880 when Hi and Benjamin Currier, alongside Daniel Tilton, generously donated the land for the chapel's construction. As soon as the land was acquired, work on the church began, and by the end of that very year, the chapel was complete.

A decade later, in 1890, the need for repairs arose. Kate Sleeper, recognizing the significance of the church, spearheaded the repair efforts, with support from Hill and Waddell Mill. Their mill took care of the sawing, and their employees provided the manpower. The commitment to the chapel's preservation didn't stop there. In 1896, a tower and bell graced the chapel's structure, adding to its charm. Fast forward to 1937, and the chapel underwent a transformation under the careful eye of architect Stanley Orcutt, ensuring that the chapel would remain a beacon of spirituality and community for years to come.

Today, as one enters the intervale, the church, with its pristine white facade, welcomes with an ethereal beauty, especially with the majestic White Mountains as its backdrop. Its location at the foot of the White Mountain National Forest, coupled with its remote nature, makes it a haven for photographers. From various vantage points, one can capture the church in its entirety, but the most coveted time for this is during the fall. During this season, the church stands amidst a riot of colors, as the foliage paints a vivid canvas around it.

The area surrounding the church is tranquil, with the serenity of rural New Hampshire enveloping it. Visitors have the convenience of parking next to the chapel or along the Chinook Trail (Route 113A). The ambiance is calm, ensuring that those who visit can enjoy the chapel and its surroundings without the rush of urban life.

For those venturing to the Wonalancet Union Church from the west, the journey can be as enriching as the destination itself. Landmarks like the West Rattlesnake Mountain and Beede Falls offer natural beauty, while the Community Church of Sandwich provides another dose of New Hampshire's rich religious history. Every aspect, from the church to its surroundings, paints a vivid picture of a community deeply connected with nature and faith.

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3436 Chinook Trail, Tamworth, New Hampshire

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isitors are able to park next to the Wonalancet Union Church and also along the Chinook Trail (Route 113A). It is a very low-key area, but does get busy during the fall season when foliage lovers flock to New Hampshire!


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