Albany, New Hampshire

Champney Falls is an exquisite 70-foot-tall waterfall located in the heart of White Mountain National Forest near the town of Albany, New Hampshire.

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Champney Falls, an exquisite 70-foot-tall waterfall located in the heart of White Mountain National Forest near Albany, New Hampshire, stands as a testament to the natural splendor of the region. This captivating waterfall graces the landscape with its stunning cascade, comprising multiple sections that together create a mesmerizing sight. The lower section of Champney Falls descends approximately 15 feet, while the upper section plunges an impressive 55 feet. This majestic waterfall is an amalgamation of plunges, horsetails, and cascades that together form a masterpiece of nature.

Champney Falls draws its name from Benjamin Champney, a renowned artist celebrated for his contributions to 19th-century White Mountain art. Champney had a profound appreciation for waterfalls, and his artistic expressions often featured these natural wonders. This namesake pays tribute to his love for capturing the essence of the White Mountains, especially its breathtaking waterfalls.

Adjacent to Champney Falls lies another natural gem—Pitcher Falls. Pitcher Falls is a captivating 35-foot plunge that resides within a deep and narrow channel known as a flume. Although somewhat concealed, the discovery of Pitcher Falls unveils a striking natural spectacle, demonstrating the harmonious coexistence of two remarkable waterfalls.

To embark on an enchanting journey to Champney Falls, visitors are encouraged to take the Champney Falls Trail. Rated as a moderate hiking trail, it stretches for 3.1 miles roundtrip and encompasses an elevation gain of 680 feet. While hiking along the trail, one will have the pleasure of encountering the gentle murmurs of Champney Brook and discovering several smaller waterfalls. However, the ultimate highlight of this trail remains the resplendent Champney Falls. The trail is family-friendly, welcoming adventurers of all ages, including four-legged companions who must be leashed. For a longer hike, considering hiking past the waterfalls all the way up to Mount Chocorua.

Parking for the Champney Falls Trail can be found at the Champney Falls Trailhead parking lot, conveniently situated just off the Kancamagus Highway. This well-maintained parking area offers around 50 parking spaces, and visitors can contribute to the upkeep of this natural wonder by utilizing the self-service pay station for a small parking fee. It's important to note that the parking lot tends to fill up swiftly on pleasant weekends and during the fall foliage season. To savor the tranquility and pristine beauty of Champney Falls without the crowds, it's advisable to plan your visit on a weekday or during the less crowded off-season months.

Champney Falls epitomizes the enduring charm of White Mountain National Forest. Whether you're an avid nature enthusiast, an artist inspired by the grandeur of waterfalls, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, this captivating waterfall promises an experience that lingers in your heart and memory.

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Kancamagus Highway, Albany, New Hampshire

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43.972889, -71.281472
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There are about 50 parking spaces at the trailhead parking lot just off the Kancamagus Highway. There is a self-service pay station that collects a small parking fee.


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