Manchester, Vermont

Cascading down a formidable 125 feet, Lye Brook Falls in Manchester, Vermont is a captivating natural wonder that beckons visitors to explore its splendor.

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Nestled within the lush embrace of the Green Mountain National Forest in Manchester, Vermont, Lye Brook Falls stands as a testament to the region's natural beauty and grandeur. This waterfall is not only one of Vermont's tallest but also one of its most enchanting. Cascading down a formidable 125 feet, Lye Brook Falls is a captivating natural wonder that beckons visitors to explore its splendor. At 125 feet tall, Lye Brook Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Vermont behind only Moss Glen Falls in Stowe, Vermont.

Lye Brook Falls takes its name from the pristine Lye Brook, the watercourse that it graces with its presence. The brook surges with its greatest vigor during the spring, fueled by the melting snow and the aftermath of heavy rainstorms. While springtime reveals the falls in all its roaring glory, Lye Brook Falls possesses a timeless appeal that makes it an excellent destination throughout the year. In the fall, the waterfall becomes even more enchanting, surrounded by a vibrant tapestry of foliage-covered trees.

The waterfall itself descends in a striking horsetail formation, a cascade of water that tumbles gracefully in a series of mini-steps across six or seven prominent tiers. While Lye Brook Falls has been known by other names in the past, including Trestle Cascade, its modern moniker aptly captures its essence.

To embark on a journey to Lye Brook Falls, adventurers can follow the Lye Brook Falls Trail, which commences just off US-7 on Glen Road in Manchester. This popular trail spans a distance of 4.4 miles round trip, guiding hikers through the heart of the Green Mountain National Forest. With an elevation gain of 918 feet and some rocky stretches, the hike is rated as moderate, making it an accessible and family-friendly adventure. Visitors are also encouraged to bring their four-legged companions along, as dogs are welcome to join in the exploration of this natural gem.

Parking for Lye Brook Falls can be conveniently found at the end of Glen Road, where around 20 parking spaces await. Additionally, visitors have the option to park along Glen Road, ensuring ample parking availability. Best of all, this captivating journey to Lye Brook Falls comes without a price tag, offering a budget-friendly opportunity to immerse oneself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Vermont's natural landscapes.

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Glen Road, Manchester, Vermont

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43.131250, -73.039694
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The parking area for the waterfall can be found at the end of Glen Road where there are about 20 parking spaces. Additionally, visitors can park along Glen Road.


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