Mill Brook Cascades

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Mill Brook Cascades is a wonderful roadside waterfall in the Berkshires. The waterfall is located right off New Lenox Road in Lenox, Massachusetts, about 2 miles east of U.S Route 20. The cascades are visible from the road, but if you want to get a closer look, you can make your way down the steep hill. Please be careful because the hill is very steep and the rocks can be extremely slippery. If you want to visit the base of the waterfall, be sure to park in the dirt parking area a few hundred feet up the road. Do not park right next to the waterfall. 

Mill Brook Cascades drop about 15 feet in total and consists mainly of cascades. There is an old dam that seems to have previously crossed the waterfall before it fell apart. The waterfall looks completely natural. Many people do not know about Mill Brook Cascades, so it is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sounds and sights of falling water. The falls are public and part of October Mountain State Forest. 

Roaring Brook Falls is another great waterfall located just a half-mile away!


Waterfall Specs

  • Height: 10-15 feet
  • Type: Cascades
  • Water Source: Mill Brook
  • Swimming: Not possible

Mill Brook Cascades Location

  • Park: October Mountain State Forest
  • Address: New Lenox Road
  • Town: Lenox
  • State: Massachusetts
  • GPS: Lat 42.3915996 Lng -73.2283228
  • Location Directions: HERE
  • Parking Notes: There is a large dirt parking area a few hundred feet from the waterfall, up New Lenox Road. The parking area can hold about 5-6 cars and parking is free.¬†
  • Parking Directions: HERE

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  1. Jere

    Mill Brook Cascades is a lovely roadside waterfall in Western Massachusetts

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